Wednesday, May 22, 2013

"blue tangled"

 ups!!!... sorry top T.T!. when i take these picture my blue top is getting tangled. i was rush because i seeing the weather would be raining. so, i dot have time to ironing.

i wear
studded blue top - CCPLUS+
midu skirt - CCPLUS+
belt - CCPLUS+
skul bag - CCPLUS+
wedges - NEWLOOK

"Lomo camera"

Saturday, May 18, 2013

my love denim

 im so happy when i got these outfit...its my newest denim outfit. and so comfort with me. i think its not large with me. my sister say its too big size to me. but i dont care. hahahhaha... when i taking these look the weather was very friendly.

denim outfit - NEXT
black bustier - cocoya(CCPLUS+)
tights - cocoya(CCPLUS+)
skul bag - (CCPLUS+)
necklace - CYNJEWELRY
bangles - CYNJEWELRY
wedges - NEWLOOK

my cousin my fahion kids

 hello... my name is clay.. he's my cousin. i love him.. 

 my little man getting angry when i ask him to sitting