Sunday, April 29, 2012


oneshoulder green top-cynshop/sparkling bodicon-cynshop/silver sparkling clutch

"Galaxy Space"

galaxies dress-cynshop/chain belt-cyn shop/large cap-accesories/mix ring-Diva

"Asym dresses"

Red asymmetris dress-cynshop/wedgez by bowbowheels

"Obscure to da Citrus"

disconnected dress black and orange by cynshop/orange and turquoise slim belt by cynshop

"Grown Up"

line top-zara top/pleated skirt-cynshop

"Sequinned Bodycon"

 little regret i hv with this sequin bodycon.. i think hard when i buy this skirt... think the size is very very small. i dont know i can wear this..

chain collar top-bangkokmall/sequin bodycon-bangkokmall/silver clutch-bangkokmall/shoes-bowbowheels

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Oren NOT Orange

oren peterpan top-cyn shop/umbrella skirt-cyn shop/half wedges oren shoes