Saturday, February 16, 2013

"Similiar but not identical"

sorry for the late post. this costum i wear on day 2 of chinese nu yea. i think this like a batik motif of indonesia kinds. and my mommy costume i deliberate just like my kind. i call them " similiar but not identical" ahahhhaaa... love it!!!

all of them fr cocoya dresses by CCPLUS+

for more u guys can follow my #ig #myheartstyle

herme gold slim belt fr CCPLUS+

all accesory by cynjewelry #CCPLUS+

pink baby shoe - forever21

Friday, February 15, 2013

Family! Fwends! EVERYTHING!!!

my lovely grandpa... i love you ata!!!

 acia & ata r my grandma & grandpa

 happy chinese nu yea my fam!!!

 my beautiful cousin!!!

 and.... they r my dearest fwends i ever had!

 my coolest brotha!!!

happy chinese nu yea all!!!

happy!!! happy chinese nu yea 2013!

 helloooo happy chinese nu yea to all my fwends... all love u...

 im wearin ~ so&sofom dresses/ysl clutch/bangles fr CCPLUS+/purple heels-ZARA

jessica's 17 birthday party!